“My Name is Andrew James, I am a 3D/2D artist working in the interactive entertainment industry in the UK.

I am a highly Versatile, Creative artist with a very strong grasp of the Technical side of art. I have worked in most areas within a team including Character Art, Technical Art, Concept Art and UI Art. Recently I have been focused on Technical Art, scripting, rigging and anything else that needs doing.”

Personal Art

A selection of illustrations I have created in my spare time, trying to further my skills in various different areas.

User Interface Art

A selection of in-game and concept User Interfaces for various games, including 'Banjo Kazooie, Nuts & Bolts', 'Kinect Sports' & 'Spong Bob Square Pants - Surf and Skate'

Game Art

These images represent some of the work I have done on shipped games. From character modelling to animation to texturing and shading.

Technical Art

A selection of tools, scripts and other more technical jobs I have worked on.